As a Sarasota Web marketing company I have seen many businesses lose large portions of their advertising budgets on local designers that swear they will create amazing optimized websites. The truth is many have no clue how to code or how to code cleanly. They also do not understand SEO in the least, even though they list it as a service.

SEO is a lot more than keywords. Imagine keywords being a piece of sand and SEO being Siesta Key beach. That is a good comparison.

I was asked to list 10 things people should look for in a web design and SEO Company:

  1. A company that designs a site around your needs and goals.
  2. A company that designs a site that is user friendly and allows you access for editing.
  3. They must be focused on conversion.
  4. They must understand how to appeal to different personality types, learning styles and demographics.
  5. They must understand how important proper coding is.
  6. They must understand SEO at an expert level. They should be able to explain the hows and whys and also have a solid plan laid out for you to understand.
  7. They need to understand how crucial proper SEO copywriting is and have real SEO copywriters ready for you.
  8. They must know how to integrate your SEO, social media marketing, Internet marketing, local search, reputation management and website together, while also integrating your goals amongst them all.
  9. They must know how to track your successes and failures on the web – this includes social media.
  10. They should take your goals and needs and combine them with researched strategies that will help you convert and increase your visibility on the Web.

So there is a brief 10 musts when hiring a local web designer/SEO.

Melissa Fach – SEOAware.com

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