There is NO Formula!

sarasota-advertisingI get a lot of phone calls from people that have been to a business network event or a meeting by their company and they have heard about Social Media- Twitter, FaceBook, etc. and they have been told they have to be tweeting to do well in business. Suddenly they need Twitter help right now! But, they really don’t. Twitter is an option, but is it an option that will work for your business? Will it make you money or waste your time? I hear tons of advice they were given and most of the time they have been told about 3% of what they really need to know

Guess what? There is no formula for businesses to market online effectively. Not all options work the same for all industries or businesses. As with any advertising or marketing, online marketing needs to be researched and planned. Twitter doesn’t work for everyone. A new Web site won’t work if there is no optimization or marketing strategy. Careful planning is needed.

Some things to be considered by business owners:

  • Online Reputation Management – do you have a plan?
  • Online Marketing Options– How do you choose? Hire someone that knows and won’t waste your money.
  • Is your Web site user-friendly?
  • Is your Web site optimized? Are your highly visible online for what you do or just your business name?
  • Do your marketing materials support your online marketing strategies?
  • Have you truly researched the company you are about to hire for your online marketing? How well do they understand the search engines and user behavior?

My Recommendation

Hire a consultant that TRULY understands what your marketing options are and can tell you what will work and what won’t. So you spend a some money to  avoid wasting your advertising dollars, is that a  bad thing? Hire someone that lives and breathes the Internet and also understands how to take your traditional marketing materials and make them work with your online marketing.

Melissa Fach – SEO Aware


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